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Fee Schedule - Registrar

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Photocopy of Campaign and Conflict of Interest Statements per page (GC 81008)$ .10
Photocopies of standard 8 1/2 x 11 to 8 1/2 x 14$ .10
Non-standard photocopies (election result tapes) - per hour.$ 86.31
Retrieval of statements 5 or more years old per statement (GC 81008).$ 50.00
Labels of registered voters - per thousand (EC 2190)$ 36.00
plus set up fee$ 40.00
Index of registered voters- per thousand (EC 2190).$ 28.00
plus set up fee$ 65.00
Certificate of Registration (EC 2167)$ 16.00
Filing Notice of Intent of Initiative Petition (EC 9103)$200.00
(Fee will be refunded if petition is certified to be sufficient within one year of filing.)
Sale of Electronic Voter Registration Information With History$225.00
Without History$200.00
plus set up fee for each$ 25.00
Minimum fee for Entities not going to election$300.00
Absentee Lists set-up$ 65.00
daily printing$ 26.00
All other feesas set by statute

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