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County Recorder
This Division performs the mandated duties of recording, indexing and maintaining for public access, all documents authorized by law to be recorded. Records in this office date back to the beginning of the County. It is imperative that records be well-preserved and easily accessible as current property transactions depend on the accuracy and availability of previously recorded documents. This Division also records marriage certificates, files birth and death certificates, indexes these records, and maintains these records for public access. For a fee, this Division provides a copy of any record maintained for public access. This Division mails notices when required by law. A fee is collected to recover the cost of providing this service. This Division microfilms its records for security purposes, maintaining a copy of the film off site. Documents are now scanned into our optical imaging system and are available for viewing by the public within hours after they are recorded.

PRELIMINARY CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP FORMS (and other Change In Ownership Forms) are located on the Assessor's website - under Forms - Change Of Ownership Statements.

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