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Certified Farmer's Market

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Click here for State Regulations of Certified Farmers Markets

A Certified Producer Certificate (CPC) is required for all agricultural products that are to be sold at the market.  CPCs must be filled in completely, including varieties of all commodities.  For example, Tomato is a commodity and Sweet 100 is a variety of that commodity.  We will no longer accept "various" or "unknown" as a variety so please know what you are planting and planning to sell when you supply our office with your information.  A sample of the CPC form showing all needed information can be found here. This form is only valid once it is signed and embossed at the Agriculture Commissioners office.

**Due to high volume and the time intensive process of entering/creating CPCs, we are unable to process CPCs on a same-day basis.  Please be prepared to drop off your information (or fax/mail/e-mail) and provide us with a phone number to contact you when your certificate is ready for pick-up.**

2015 Informational Documents

Click on the links to access the documents:
Small Farm Food Safety Guidelines
Food Labels - Information for CA food Processors

Small Farm Food Safety Manual
Market Manager Responsibilities
Market Inspection Synopsis

Certified Producer Quick Check Synopsis
Q&A Follow up from March 1, 2015 MCFARM Meeting

Click here to see a list of important things to remember if you are (or want to be) a certified producer at a Certified Farmers Market. 

Certified Producer Certificate (CPC) application
CPC application supplement (pages 2+)
Certified Market Application

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