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From time to time the District issues notices to the public on a variety of issues. Copies of those notices are stored on this page.

Advisory on waste oil shop heaters - waste oil shop heaters are illegal in California

Smoke and your health (USFS) - Information about the health impacts of smoke from Wildfires. Provided by the US Forest Service.



For Mendocino County

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Smoke from the Gap and Tully Fires are impacting parts of Mendocino County. Expect haze and potential degraded air quality for portions of Lake and Mendocino County over the next few days.

Currently, smoke concentrations are averaging in the 'Good' to 'Moderate' AQI range. Lower elevation valley and drainage areas could experience extended episodes of Moderate ' air quality at times, dependent upon wind direction and temperatures.

Some people who may be unusually sensitive to particle pollution should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion. Watch for symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath. These are signs to take it easier and limit outdoor activities if possible.

Persons experiencing any of the following symptoms should contact a health care provider:
Headache; Repeated Coughing; Chest Tightness Or Pain; Difficulty In Breathing; or Nausea.

Information regarding the most current air quality readings, an explanation of AQI numbers, and related information can be found on the District web site at


Air Quality News Advisory (PDF version)


Please contact the District with any questions.

Burn Day Status

For todays burn day status please call 707-463-4391. .

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News / Advisories

Mendocino County enters Fire Season May 1. - All open burns require a permit.

Trader Joe's penalized $500,000 over refrigerant leaks - Owner and operators of systems using ozone depleting substances are required to perform leak repair and recordkeeping required under Title VI of the Clean Air Act for refrigeration equipment. Click Here for More Information

Air District Relaxes Portable Diesel Engine Enforcement - ARB has determined the standards for DPM may not be feasible. Click Here for More Information

The District Mission

  The mission of the Mendocino County Air Quality Management District is to protect and manage air quality, an essential public resource upon which the health of the community depends. 

  Mendocino County Air Quality Management District is one of 35 local Air Districts in California.

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