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Boards and Commissions

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A list of all County boards and commissions, current vacancies, and appointment of interest applications are available on our Boards and Commissions resource page.

Please visit the Mendocino County Tourism Commission page if you are interested in applying for a position on the commission.

Get Involved!

There is an ongoing need for all interested Mendocino County residents to apply for positions on commissions which are of interest to them. Each Board or Commission has an issue, policy and/or program focus and appointees generally represent defined communities of interest.

The Board of Supervisors encourages citizen involvement and expertise to assist the Board in serving the community. Boards and Commissions were established to help the Board address many and varied duties and responsibilities of local County government. These Board and Commissions are created by State or Federal law, County ordinance, or by action of the Board of Supervisors and provide forums for citizen input and accessibility to County government. The Board of Supervisors relies on these groups to advise them on a wide-range of issues affecting their constituencies, and to assure they are responsive to community needs.


Generally, there are three types of constituencies associated with each member position.
  • Supervisorial District Appointments: Many Boards and Commissions have positions based on residency in a specific supervisorial district. Applications for such appointments are reviewed and appointment recommendations are made by the Supervisor representing that district.
  • At-Large Appointments: Many positions are open to applicants without regard to residency in a specific supervisorial district.
  • Community Appointments: Certain appointments are based upon specific affiliation with a group or community. The Board of Supervisors receives recommendations from a specific constituency.

Application Process

The Board of Supervisors appoints Mendocino County residents to serve on Boards and Commissions on a volunteer basis. The many Boards and Commissions are responsible for reviewing a wide range of policy issues and program areas. An application must be completed and the applicant must represent the constituency identified pursuant to the specific vacancy.

All appointees to a Board or Commission must be residents of Mendocino County and registered voters thereof unless such requirements are waived by a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors. Grounds for waiver may include but are not limited to: lack of availability of county residents who are willing to serve on a Board or Commission or an individual who is a non-resident but has special qualifications that are necessary for the position.

NOTE:  Please be aware that all information disclosed in the Appointment of Interest Application is subject to public disclosure.

If you have an interest in a specific Board or Commission or need further information about this process, please contact Clerk of the Board staff at (707) 463-4441.

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