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Mission and Principles

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Mission Statement

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors' mission is to create and maintain a responsive and responsible government that enhances the quality of life of the people of Mendocino County. The County's mission is to deliver services that meet: Public safety, health, social, cultural, education, transportation, economic, and environmental needs of our communities.

Goals to achieve our Mission Statement:

  • To treat all people with dignity and respect. To create a County employee culture where each citizen is treated in a courteous, professional, and sensitive manner.
  • To forge effective working relationships within the community in both the private and public sectors. Through such cooperation we can maximize services to our citizens. Having engaged people will achieve organizational goals.
  • To develop a work environment and employee culture that strives for excellence. Training and development opportunities and career advancement will be highly valued by the organization.
  • To streamline our governmental processes so that excellent service delivery is responsive, reliable, and cost effective. Productivity and efficiency are important organizational values which result in maximum benefits for all concerned.
  • To manage our fiscal resources effectively and responsibly. To plan and budget in a way that recognizes the financial limitations of the County, and enhances the long term economic viability of the County and its citizens.

Adopted August 19, 1999
By the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors
Michael Delbar, Richard Shoemaker, Tom Lucier, Patricia Campbell, David Colfax

Principles of Office

Supervisors will adhere to the following principles; they will:

  • Work in harmony to support the County's mission.
  • Devote time, thought and study to their duties as board members, so that they may render effective and credible public service for the citizens of the County.
  • Work with fellow board members in a spirit of cooperation so all issues, especially those which are controversial, may be debated openly and fairly, thereby protecting the dignity of the individuals involved in the public forum and decision making process.
  • Base decisions on all available facts, voting with conviction, without bias, and ultimately abiding and upholding the final majority decisions of the Board.
  • Represent the entire County of Mendocino, while being sensitive to the special characteristics of each District.
  • Respect the Ralph M. Brown Act, taking official actions in public sessions, yet maintaining the confidentiality of closed session deliberations.
  • Remember an individual board member has no legal authority outside the meetings of the Board of Supervisors, thus they will conduct business with the citizenry, media, and County staff on this basis.
  • Under all circumstances the primary function of the Board of Supervisors is to establish the policies by which the County of Mendocino is to be administered.
  • Use the powers of the office honestly and constructively, communicating and promoting the needs of the community to the County and the needs of the County to the community.
  • Encourage employee and citizen involvement in regulatory and policy development and to consider the perspectives of others as issues are discussed.
  • Be responsible for professional growth by participating in educational conferences, workshops, and training sessions offered by local and State organizations.
  • Be informed of the State and Federal government activities and the positions taken by Supervisor organizations regarding these matters.
  • Adopted August 19, 1999
    By the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors
    Michael Delbar, Richard Shoemaker, Tom Lucier, Patricia Campbell, David Colfax

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