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Community Choice Energy

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Community Choice Energy
in Mendocino County

Mendocino County is exploring the possibility of launching a community power program to benefit our county.

What is CCE? >

How does it work? >

Has it been done before? >

How will it affect you? >

Why are we exploring this program? >

When might this happen? >
How can I stay informed?
CCE News
What is CCE?

CCE is a program that allows local governments to buy electricity on behalf of their community's electricity customers.

The goals in a CCE program are to purchase “greener” energy, to secure more reliable rates and to achieve reduced energy costs. Program profits are reinvested into the community.

The county can either create its own program or join another community's CCE program.
How does it work?

The electricity that a CCE buys on behalf of its residents and businesses is fed into the existing grid, and continues to be delivered, maintained and billed by PG&E.

CCE offers electricity users a choice of where to buy their power. When a CCE is launched, all electricity customers are automatically enrolled in the program, though they can choose to stay with PG&E instead.
Has it been done before?

There are already 3 successfully operating CCEs in California that serve dozens of cities and counties. Marin Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power, and Lancaster Choice Energy all currently provide greener power at lower costs than PG&E. You can read more about them on their websites:


Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Illinois, and New Jersey also have community power programs. The state of New York will launch its first CCE in early 2016.
How will it affect you?

If a CCE is launched in Mendocino County, the change will be seamless—there will be no perceptible difference in your electricity service.

You’ll still receive a single bill from PG&E, which will indicate that your electricity is being purchased by the CCE. Your electricity service will remain the same—you’ll simply have an option of where to buy your power.
Why are we exploring this program?

Mendocino County officials are analyzing whether a CCE could provide its communities with greener electricity and lower customer rates—reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting the development of local energy projects and programs.
When might this happen? What's going on now?

If County Supervisors vote to move ahead, it will probably take 4-12 months before your power is available through the county’s CCE.

CCE Workshops

Experts in the area of Community Choice have made presentations to the City Councils in Fort Bragg, Point Arena and Willits, which have been open to the public. Two more workshops are planned in June—we hope you'll join us there to find out how CCE works and what it could mean for our County.

Monday, June 20 in Fort Bragg at the Veteran's Hall, 5:00 pm Tuesday, June 21 in Ukiah in the Board Chambers, 501 Low Gap Road, at 10:00 am


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