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Volunteers with a Vision: The Funding of Our Future by Rudolph H. Light with Linda E. Pedroni.

Report on the Mendocino County Fish and Game Commission on Grants Program 1993-2002

This 255-page report records a decade of 44 projects conducted County-wide by thirty organizations (listed alphabetically in the report) funded by County Fish and Game conviction fine monies. Through a competitive grants process, the County Fish and Game Commission channeled the accrued funds into small grants serving as seed money for projects benefiting fish and wildlife. The projects included habitat restoration, education, research, hatchery operations, and other activities involving fish, game, and wildlife; and the reports include photographs, newspaper articles and testimonials.

The title of the report refers to the fact that “[i]t was clear early on that most of the organizations were nonprofits or often just volunteers united in a group with a passion to do something positive for hunting, fishing or environmental conservation. They were all dedicated people who could provide plans, organizational skills, time and labor, but who often could not come up with much money for supplies or equipment or construction material. Many applicants had never written a grant application before.”

The Commission’s grants program continues to this day, with proposals solicited in the Fall and funds awarded the following Spring. Additional reports from more recent grants recipients can be accessed below.

Mendocino County Fish and Game Projects Funded Between 2003 through 2015- Coming Soon

Volunteers with a Vision (Entire Text 432MB)

Mendocino County Fish and Game Projects Funded Between 1993 through 2002

The Mendocino County Fish and Game Commission operates within the framework of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW).  For more information on DFW, consult the link below.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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