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The official Mendocino County website has a new home! Please visit:

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  • Support public education and research through a new Commission website and public lecture series.

  • Support community-based activities to improve fish and wildlife habitat and propagation.

  • Increase public participation in Commission meetings through teleconferences and webinars.

  • Improve communication with the public regarding the Request for Proposals and grant review process; develop transparent review policies and procedures.

  • Continue to represent the County at meetings, conference, and public hearings within and outside the County regarding County fish and wildlife habitats, communities and populations.

  • Continue to liaise with Department of Fish and Wildlife agencies operating within the County in support of increased public participation in scientific research and conservation relating to fish and wildlife.

  • Sponsor an annual County dinner and fundraiser to raise additional fish and wildlife preservation funds and promote interagency communication with key community leaders and the public on fish and wildlife issues.



  • Provide expert testimony on conditions impacting abalone and rockfish propagation to California Department of Fish and Game Commission meetings.

  • Investigate habitat conditions affecting black tail deer recruitment, dispersal, and populations.

  • Commented on Marine Life Protection Act and newly established marine protected areas through the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review process and the monitoring program overseen by the Monitoring Enterprise and Ocean Science Trust.

  • Worked with California State legislators to change California Fish and Wildlife Department code to increase the administrative allowance for County Commissions.

  • Assisted County Counsel with the County’s successful defense of a lawsuit in complaint of the project granting process.

  • Provided documentation and support for County Counsel in response to a California Fish and Wildlife Department audit regarding the use of preservation funds.

  • Restructured the process for soliciting and reviewing proposals for fish and game improvement projects.

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