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ADA Comprehensive Access Plan

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ADA Comprehensive Access Plan16MB

Americans with Disabilities Act Comprehensive Access Plan for the County Maintained Road System
July 16, 2010

This plan as commissioned by Mendocino County Department of Transportation is intended to address aspects of the County maintained road system that are appropriate for pedestrian infrastructure features to provide path of travel in compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable provisions in the California Building Code.

Components in the plan are comprehensive in nature and designed to result in a document suitable for the user to understand Mendocino County’s current status relative  to disabled access barriers and provide a planning tool for implementing work scope in the road right of way to remove barriers. There are a number of interrelated issues and concepts folded into this document, described below:

  • Identifying road conditions for pedestrian infrastructure in the public right of way including a focus on key unincorporated communities where population and development density is appropriate for urban pedestrian infrastructure.
  • Document conditions found with categorization for improving the right of way based on development density and road types per the County’s road standards.
  • Evaluate current policies procedures and practices relative to disabled access barrier removal then recommend documentation methods for work already performed and future work to improve pedestrian infrastructure in road right of way.
  • Evaluate and report on current ADA transition plan status for disabled access barrier removal in road right of way, most notably in Town of Mendocino town area.
  • Evaluate development ordinances and typically required project approval conditions to identify potential contributory funding sources for road network impacts.
  • Evaluate transportation planning concepts used for implementing pedestrian route improvements.
  • Provide training for Department of Transportation personnel to perform ADA assessments in the field. (Training will not be part of the plan document)

The report overview and methodology section will explain the plan components.

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