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Road Standards

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Our County Roads and Development Standards must be followed for any road improvement, project-related improvement in subdivisions, and any other land development project that requires County authorization.

The manual is made up of an introductory section, followed by Tabs A - H outlining different standards based on type of work, and concludes with Cal Fire Regulations.  Tab A has all the plan drawings (with the exception of some in the Cal Fire Regulations).  Tab A can be downloaded in its entirety, or by individual drawings (General Road Work - Misc), or by group (Drainage Plans, Planting and Irrigation Plans).

The introductory portion of our Road Standards manual contains:
   -Resolution adopting Road Standards         -User's Guide
   -Record of Changes                                     -Common Terms and
   -Table of Contents                                          Definitions 
   -Purpose                                                       -Feedback and Changes 
   -Document Overview                               

Tab A Standard Road Plans (11 MB zip)
Download entire set of Standard Plans from Tab A Standard Road Plans link or by individual or group plans below


DRAWING TITLE                          STD  NO        PAGE

Minor Arterial and Major                 A10A            A-1
Collector Urban

Minor Arterial Rural                      A10B           A-2

Connector, Major and Minor           A10C            A-3
Collectors, and Local Connectors Rural

Minor Collector, Local                     A10D            A-4
Connector Urban

Local Road, Commercial or           A10E             A-5
Industrial Urban

Local Road Residential                A10F            A-6
and Urban

Local Road   Rural                         A10G          A-7

Local Road Non Continuous         A10G1      A-8a

Private Minor Subdivision Road       A10H        A-8b

Landscaped Local Road Healthy  A10I          A-8c
Neighborhood Street Design Exceptions

Alternate Design Standards          A10J         A-8d
Low Impact to Hydrology

Alternate Design Standards          A10K        A-8e
Low Impact to Hydrology

Intersection Geometry                     A11A         A-9

Intersection Geometry Notes        A11B        A-10

Urban Cul-De-Sac                            A12          A-11

Road Knuckle                                   A13          A-12

Bus Stop Intersection Locations   A14A        A-13

Bus Stop Mid-Block Locations      A14B        A-14

Bus Stop Slab Detail                     A14C       A-15

Hammerhead T Turnaround, Urban A15       A-16

Rural Cul-De-Sac                              A16        A-17

Hammerhead T Turnaround, Rural A17        A-18

Rural Road Grading Sections            A18        A-19

Improvement Plan Standard             A20A      A-20
Notes - General Notes

Improvement Plan Standard             A20B      A-21
Notes  - Notification for Inspections

Improvement Plan Standard             A20C      A-22
Notes - Grading Standard Notes

Improvement Plan Standard            A20D       A-23
Notes Underground Construction

Improvement Plan Standard            A20E       A-24
Notes Drainage

Improvement Plan Standard            A20F        A-25
Notes - Signing, Striping and Marking

Improvement Plan Standard           A20G        A-26
Notes - Signing, Striping and Marking (Continued)

Improvement Plan Standard          A20H         A-27
Notes - Lighting

Improvement Plan Standard          A20I           A-28
Notes Preservation of Survey Monuments

Traffic Index (TI) Chart for Flexible A21           A-29
Pavements Residential Roads

Gravel Equivalents (GE) Chart     A22              A-30
for Flexible Pavements

Survey Monument - Road            A30               A-31

Barricade - Road                          A31               A-32

Barricade Sidewalk                   A32               A-33

Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk          A40A            A-34

Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk          A40B            A-35

Valley Gutter Plan                    A41A              A-36

Valley Gutter Road Profile        A41B             A-37

Driveway Approach, Urban         A50                A-38

Residential Driveway Approach, A51A             A-39
Rural Roads

Commercial Driveway and          A51B             A-40
Private Road Approach, Rural Roads

Driveway Approach, Rural         A51C              A-41
Roads - Notes

Driveway Approach Profiles       A52                A-42

Driveway Approach Sight           A53                A-43

Trench Restoration - Details      A60A              A-44

Trench Restoration Notes       A60B              A-45

Trench Restoration Notes       A60C              A-46

Road Widening/Paveout Detail   A70                A-47

Pavement Repair Detail Side   A71                A-48
Road/Overlay Conform

Pavement Repair Detail Edge  A72                A-49
Grinding at Lip of Gutter

GENERAL ROAD WORK (DRAINAGE)                                                    See Drainage Plans

Mean Seasonal Precipitation,     D10                A-50
In Inches

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11A              A-51
Charts Notes

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11B              A-52
Charts Notes (Continued)

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11C              A-53
Charts Covelo Eel River

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11D              A-54
Charts Fort Bragg

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11E              A-55
Charts Leggett

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11F              A-56
Charts Point Arena

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11G             A-57
Charts Ukiah, Lake Mendocino Dam

Intensity/Duration/Frequency      D11H             A-58
Charts Willits Howard

Runoff Coefficients for Rational   D12               A-59
Formula, Vegetated Areas

Type A Catch Basin                  D20                A-60

Type B Catch Basin                  D21                A-61

Type C Catch Basin                  D22                A-62

Precast Curb Inlet                       D30                 A-63

Gallery Inlet                                 D31                 A-64

Drop Inlet                                     D32                A-65

Storm Drain Manhole                  D40A              A-66

Storm Drain Manhole Notes     D40B              A-67

Storm Drain Manhole Frame       D41                A-68
and Cover

Storm Drain Manhole Precast     D42                A-69
Concrete Reducer Slab

Curb Outlet, Type A                  D50                A-70

Curb Outlet, Type B                  D51                A-71

Corrugated Metal Pipe Drain      D60                A-72

Ditches, Concrete-Lined             D61                A-73

GENERAL ROAD WORK (PLANTING AND IRRIGATION)                      See Planting and Irrigation Plans

Corner Sight Distance Fence     H10                A-74
and Planting Requirements

Tree Planting Sidewalk Areas  H11A             A-75

Tree Planting Parkway Areas  H11B              A-76

Tree Planting Shoulder Areas H11C              A-77

Tree Planting Notes                 H11D              A-78

GENERAL ROAD WORK (TEMPORARY FACILITIES)                            See Temporary Facilities Plans

Traffic Control System for           T21                A-79
Construction Zones Details

Traffic Control Requirements      T22A             A-80

Traffic Control Requirements      T22B             A-81

ROADSIDE SIGNS                                                                                     See Roadside Signs Plans

Roadside Sign Location,            RS10             A-82
Urban Areas

Roadside Sign Location,            RS11             A-83
Rural Areas

Street Name Sign Detail            RS20             A-84

Street Name Sign Location        RS21             A-85

SIGNALS, LIGHTING, AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS                             See Signals, Lightings, and Electrical Systems Plans

Signal and Lighting Conduit    ES10             A-86
& Pull Box Details

Signal - Detector Loops             ES40             A-87

Signal Electrical Service         ES41             A-88
Wiring Diagram
Tab B - Standard Road Specifications

Tab C - Road Design Standards

Tab Ca - Low Impact to Hydrology Guidelines Alternative Design Standards

Tab D - Drainage Design Standards

Tab E - Traffic Design Standards

Tab F - Street Light Design Standards

Tab G - Completeness of Plans and Maps

Tab H - Exception Procedures

Cal Fire Regulations

Download the Complete Standards (18 MB zip)

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