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2007-2008 Grand Jury Reports

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When the Grand Jury reports on an entity, the governing body of that entity is required to respond to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court within 60 days for elected officials and 90 days for all others. Responses are listed immediately following their respective reports.

NOTE: These reports are in PDF format, which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF viewer.

PC 933.05 Summary of Law describing how Grand Jury reports are to be responded to.

2007-2008 Grand Jury Reports

Full Final Report (684K )

  1. Your Vote Does Count! (226K )
  2. Kafka Goes Coastal - Amending the Fort Bragg Local Coastal Program (324K )
  3. Revisiting the Board of Supervisors Travel... (308K )
  4. Byzantium by the Bay: County Mis-Implementation of the Mendocino Town Plan (410K )
  5. I'll Be Able to Hear You Pretty Soon: The Mendocino County Sheriff's Coast Sector Substation and Holding Cells in Fort Bragg (231K )
    • Responses
  6. Free!!!, Get Your GED Here!!! A Report on the Mendocino County Jail, Holding Cells and Sheriff's Evidence Room (224K )
  7. Home Away From Home - A Report On Mendocino County Juvenile Hall (175K )
  8. Does Probation Work? A Report On The Mendocino County Department Of Probation (226K )
  9. A Lot More Than Firefighters: A Report on Chamberlain Creek and Parlin Fork Conservation Camps (178K )
  10. The #$@*!! Roof Still Leaks: A Report on the City of Willits Police Department and Holding Cells (188K )
  11. Hats Off to Round Valley! (276K )
  12. Hoops... Now! Fort Bragg Unified School District Alternative Schools (297K )
  13. Emergency... What Emergency? A Grand Jury Report on Mendocino County Airports (251K )
  14. No Place Like HUD: A Report on the Community Development Commission of Mendocino County (196K )
  15. Clinics, The 43% Solution: A Report on Two Federally Qualified Health Centers in Mendocino County (216K )
    • Responses
  16. Mental Health and Millionaires: A Report on Proposition 63 and Mendocino County Mental Health (204K )
  17. The $10,000 Popsicle Stick: City of Fort Bragg Municipal Improvement District I - Waste Water and Storm Water Collection and Treatment System (177K )
  18. Saving for a Sunny Day: City of Fort Bragg Water Enterprise District - Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution System (162K )
  19. Surplus Water is an Oxymoron: A Report on the Redwood Valley County Water District (231K )

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