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Real Estate & Asset Management

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The Real Estate & Property Management program of the Executive Office/Central Services Division is the full-service real estate branch for Mendocino County. Our objective is to provide fair treatment to both the County and the Public in all real-property transactions - whether buying, selling or leasing.

Property Management Functions:
  1. The negotiation of real property purchases and/or sales
  2. The negotiation of property leases - including leases of County property for use by others and private property for use by the County
  3. The maintenance of an inventory of County-owned property and leases
  4. The coordination of real property appraisals
  5. The preparation of property deeds
  6. Responding to inquiries about County-owned parcels
All requests for projects involving the acquisition, sale, or transfer of real property are to be submitted to the Purchasing Agent for referral to Property Management staff. Leases of routine office space are administered and managed by the Purchasing Agent as well.

Contact Information:
Executive Office-Real Estate and Property Management
501 Low Gap Road, Room 1010, Ukiah CA 95482
(707) 463-4441; (707) 463-5649-fax

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