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Facilities & Fleet Division Manager
Facilities and Fleet, a Division of the Executive Office, offers services to County departments and affiliated agencies in the following areas: facilities planning and design, project management, facilities operations and maintenance, and vehicle fleet management and maintenance.

The Facilities and Fleet Division is charged with maintenance, custodial, and groundskeeping responsibilities for all County-owned and many leased facilities. Included in this responsibility is that of operating and maintaining all of the County's parks and recreation areas.

The Facilities and Fleet Division is also responsible for administering and managing all County renovations, alterations, and new construction projects for the County's public recreational facilities and some 100 buildings, comprising approximately 700,000 square feet, and their adjacent grounds and parking facilities throughout the county by utilizing a skilled crew of building maintenance workers, including a journey-level carpenter and painter, experienced groundkeepers, and custodians, augmented, whenever necessary and/or cost-effective, by outside contractors and tradespeople.

The Facilities and Fleet Division management participate in the development, prioritization and implementation of County-wide capital projects, including site acquisition and facility planning, design, and construction.

The  Division is also responsible for the maintenance, repair and in-town fueling of vehicles in the County fleet.

The mission of the The Facilities and Fleet Division is to provide competent, professional, and efficient:

Facilities Operations:

Fleet/Garage Operations:

Services are provided through scheduled maintenance programs and reimbursable projects.

Contact Information:
Facilities and Fleet Division
841 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA 95482
Facilities and Fleet: (707) 234-6068; (707) 463-4784-fax
Garage: (707) 234-6063; (707) 463-4579-fax

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