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Facilities & Fleet Division - Custodial

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Custodial/janitorial services are included in the Facilities and Fleet Division's building maintenance responsibilities. Custodians provide trash removal, vacuuming, and light cleaning services.

The Custodial Services strive to provide excellent service to all County Departments. Our goal is to provide a fully functional, clean, and efficient working environment in a cost effective manner to all of our client Departments.

The County of Mendocino has an internal county recycling policy, which provides guidelines and resources for county departments to use in establishing recycling implementation plans within departments.

The Facilities and Fleet Division is responsible for administering and maintaining the Recycling program for the County. The Custodial service personnel work to ensure that the materials are removed to the collection area and picked up in a timely manner and monitor the departments on their recycling efforts and report any failure to recycle to the General Services Agency Director.

Contact Information:
Facilities and Fleet Division
841 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 234-6068; (707) 463-4784

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