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Facilities & Fleet Division - Motor Pool

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The types of available pool vehicles are sedans, pick-up trucks, passenger and cargo vans, small and large box trucks. These pool vehicles are available for County business trips in town or out of town. Special attention is taken to provide a late model vehicle for out-of-town trips (offering the most efficient means of travel).

Upon returning a County pool vehicle, employees are responsible for:

  • Filling the gas tank
  • Keeping the vehicle litter free
  • Reporting unsafe vehicle conditions/mechanical problems
  • Rolling up windows and locking the doors
  • Recording the mileage, row and space where vehicle is parked on the key tag.

County drivers must possess a valid California driver's license and be included in the County's Authorized Driver's list when checking vehicles out of the pool. If a pool vehicle is needed, drivers should utilize the online Fleetster Reservation system.

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Contact Information:
Facilities and Fleet Division - Garage
841 Low Gap Road, Ukiah CA 95482
(707) 234-6063; (707) 463-4673-fax

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