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Facilities & Fleet Division - Vehicle Rep.

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The objective of the vehicle replacement program is to promote an orderly system of purchasing and funding a standardized fleet replacement process and to plan future departmental transportation requirements.

All County vehicles acquired and maintained by the Facilities and Fleet Division, fleet management operation are recommended for replacement in accordance with adopted guidelines/procedures and all departments are responsible for complying with these guidelines/procedures.

The guidelines for vehicles considered for replacement are based on vehicles meeting predetermined age and/or mileage criteria. Additional consideration will also be given to functionality and overall condition of the vehicle. Priority will be given to those departments whose services relate to public health and safety and law enforcement.

As vehicles reach the targeted miles or age of replacement criteria, a vehicle maintenance evaluation will be performed by the Facilities and Fleet Division. If the evaluation proves the vehicle would be economical to retain for an additional year, the vehicle will be targeted for retention or reassignment. In some cases, it may be reassigned to other departments with "low usage" requirements or to the loaner pool. The Facilities and Fleet Division and user department will jointly review and approve all specifications for new purchases of County vehicles and motorized equipment.

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Facilities and Fleet Division - Garage
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