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Insurance Requirements for Contracts

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Contract Insurance Requirements

The following is the County's Insurance Language which is to be utilized for all contracts with vendors.  Any change in the insurance requirements is subject to County and Counsel and Risk Management approval:

Insurance Language

Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Policy #18 "Travel and Meal Policy" lists the vehicle insurance requirements as follows:

1.5  County vehicles should be used, if available, when traveling on County business.

1.6  Employees may also use, as an option, their personal vehicle for travel on official County business providing they meet the following requirements:
       1.6.1  A personal vehicle is herein defined as an automobile, truck or van.  Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, bicycles, or similar vehicles may not be used to conduct county business.
       1.6.2  Vehicles shall be adequately insured.  The liability insurance on any private vehicle used in County business must conform to the minimum requirements set forth in the financial responsibility section (16020) of the California Vehicle Code ($15,000/$30,000 liability and $5,000 property damage).
      1.6.3  The vehicle shall be in sound mechanical condition adequate for providing requirement transportation in a safe manner.
      1.6.4  The vehicle shall be equipped with, and each occupant will be required to use, seat belts.
      1.6.5  The cost of damage and/or wear and tear to a privately owned vehicle used on County business is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.
      1.6.6  Employees not in compliance with these minimum standards shall not be authorized to drive their personal vehicle on County business.
      1.6.7  It is the responsibility of the Department Head to ensure that written verification of such insurance is current an don file in the department in advance of such travel.

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