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Other Public Health Programs

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Administrative Support Services
Provides leadership for Public Health programs and administrative oversight and technical assistance in areas such as financial management, management information systems, personnel policies and procedures, purchasing and fixed asset control, space utilization, facilities management.
Prevention And Planning Unit
Promotes community wellness through education and prevention. Programs include Tobacco Control, Substance Abuse Prevention Education, Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention, Safe Routes to Schools and Friday Night Live Youth groups.
Chronic Disease
County Medical Service Program (CMSP)
Staff is fiscally responsible for monitoring the county realignment trust fund and disbursing payments to CMSP; monitoring the county's financial maintenance of effort for realignment; and actively participating in the operation of CMSP to ensure that adequate medical benefits are available and accessible for the indigent population.
Disaster Preparedness and Response
Prepares Public Health and our community partners for rapid response and mobilization in responding to all appropriate multi-hazard events, including natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunamis), terrorist attacks and disease outbreaks.
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency
Designed to incorporate multiple agencies and facilities into an effective emergency medical care delivery system focusing on rapid access, assessment, patient stabilization and transportation. The primary function of the EMS Agency is to plan, implement and evaluate the local EMS system. Visit the Coastal Valleys EMS website for more information.
Injury Prevention
Medical Marijuana ID Card
The Medical Marijuana Program was established to provide a voluntary medical marijuana identification card issuance and registry program for qualified patients and their caregivers.
Medical Oversight
The County Health Officer provides medical oversight to the programs of the Public Health Department; assesses the health status of the county; and provides consultation and support to the medical community and the Board of Supervisors on issues pertaining to public health. The Health Officer carries out state mandates and provides information relating to communicable diseases and other public health issues to all interested parties.
Public Health Officer
SB 12/612
is a program that compensates Mendocino County physicians and hospitals for uncompensated emergency room care. Physicians bill for the emergency care after confirming that the care is bad debt or considered uncompensated care. Hospitals and Physicians have continued to bill for their full allocation. Staff is responsible for monitoring and disbursing funds to the specified accounts, reimbursing hospitals and physicians for uncompensated emergency care, and completing annual reports to the State.
Vital Statistics
Registers all births and deaths that occur in Mendocino County, issues burial permits, provides certified copies of birth and death certificates and registers Confidential Morbidity Records (CMRs) for all county communicable diseases.

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