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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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Medical Emergencies occur at any given time or location and require a coordinated effort involving multiple agencies and facilities to ensure a quick response and high standard of care. Mendocino County's Emergency Medical Services serves in part with, and as an extension of, Coastal Valleys Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency. Together they provide oversight and support to the County's pre-hospital emergency service care providers such as: ambulance services, air-ambulance companies, dispatch agencies anf fire departments; as well as first responders such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics.

Designated in 1994 to serve as the Local EMS Agency (LEMSA), Coastal Valleys Emergency Medical Services Agency is a division of the Sonoma County Public Health Department. Section 1797.200 of the Health and Safety Code states: a County, which chooses to develop an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program, must designate a local EMS agency. Together the two counties of Mendocino and Sonoma are the Coastal Valleys EMS Region.

Coastal Valleys EMS Agency, as Mendocino County's Local EMS Agency (LEMSAL is responsible for the oversight and management of an effective emergency medical care delivery system focusing on rapid access} assessment} patient stabilization and transportation.

Other functions include:

  • Providing Administration and oversight for the EMS system
  • Providing approval of local EMS training programs
  • Monitoring access to emergency medical services for the 90,000 citizens of Mendocino County
  • Providing oversight to field EMS while working in the hospital emergency department
  • Licensure and accreditation for paramedics to practice in Mendocino County
  • Monitoring the pre-hospital care reports submitted to the EMS Agency through a data collection System

Contact Information:

Internet: www.coastalvalleysems.org
Address: 1120 South Dora Street, Ukiah
Phone: (707) 472-2785

Fee: Depends on Certification

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