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HHSA Press Releases Archive

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  • In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Committee Has Vacancies [21-Jul]
  • Fort Bragg P&B and EH Are Relocating [30-Jun]
  • Family Planning Announces June 30 Closure [9-Jun]
  • Animal Care Vaccination and Licensing Clinic [9-Jun]
  • Baechtel Grove Middle School Students 'Stand Up' for Change [2-Jun]
  • Tobacco Use by High School Students in Fort Bragg [31-May]
  • Measles Outbreak Reaches Mendocino County [2-May]
  • Great Results for Seat Belt/Cell Phone Surveys at Schools [18-Apr]
  • Mental Health Board April 20th Meeting in Ukiah [8-Apr]
  • Public Health Week 2011:
  • April is Alcohol Awareness Month [30-Mar]
  • Influenza Illness In [28-Mar]
  • Public Concern over Fallout Related to Nuclear Power Plant in Japan [15-Mar]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting March 16th in Ft Bragg [7-Mar]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting February 16th in Willits [8-Feb]
  • Fresh Cilantro Recalled Due To Potential Salmonella Contamination [31-Jan]
  • Mendocino Organizations Raising People’s Health (MORPH) Summit [27-Jan]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting January 19th in Ukiah [13-Jan]
  • Mental Health Services Act - Draft 2010–2011 Update Available for Public Review [5-Jan]
  • 2010

  • Shelter for Homeless During Extreme Cold Weather [23-Nov]
  • HHSA Receives National Gold Hunger Champion Award [25-Oct]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting in Willits [12-Oct]
  • Tdap and Seasonal Flu Shot Clinics in October [6-Oct]
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine Clinics at Ft Bragg, Willits and Ukiah Senior Centers [16-Sept]
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine Drive-up Clinic on September 25th [14-Sept]
  • Animal Shelter Adoptions Now On Facebook [25-Aug]
  • Public Health Officer: Immunize For Back To School [5-Aug]
  • 2010 Responsible Alcohol Merchant Awards [26-July]
  • Community Health Services Awarded New Safety Grant [22-July]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting in Willits [11-July]
  • County Deficit Necessitates Closure of Coast Animal Shelter [23-Jun]
  • Whooping Cough Epidemic Leads to Call to Get Booster [22-Jun]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting in Ukiah [2-Jun]
  • Local Healthy Food Summit | Event Flyer [5-May]
  • Summer Time is Mosquito Season [3-May]
  • New Lead Sources: Cosmetic Chalk and Darrell Lea Yogurt Raspberry Liquorice [21-Apr]
  • H1N1 Vaccination Clinics By Appointment [15-Apr]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting in Ukiah [6-Apr]
  • April Is Alcohol Awareness Month [17-Mar]
  • Tsunami Warning Drill On March 24 [11-Mar]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting in Fort Bragg [10-Mar]
  • Free H1N1 Vaccination Clinics Open To Everyone [8-Mar]
  • Free H1N1 Clinics In March [24-Feb]
  • Combined Mental Health Board and MHSA Committee Meeting in Ukiah [23-Feb]
  • Free H1N1 Vaccination Clinics Open To Everyone [16-Feb]
  • Mental Health Board February Meeting In Willits [2-Feb]
  • Free H1N1 Vaccination Clinics Open To Everyone [7-Jan]
  • Mental Health Board To Meet In Ukiah On January 20th [5-Jan]
  • 2009

  • H1N1 Vaccine Recall [17-Dec]
  • Expanded H1N1 Vaccination Clinics in Ukiah and Ft Bragg [8-Dec]
  • Mental Health Board December 16 Meeting In Ukiah [7-Dec]
  • Public Health Officer Moves On [3-Dec]
  • "Food For All Mendocino" Announces Campaign [3-Dec]
  • H1N1 Vaccination Clinics In Ft Bragg And Ukiah [24-Nov]
  • H1N1 Vaccination Clinic Tuesday In Willits [19-Nov]
  • Community Forums For Mental Health Services [17-Nov]
  • When Disaster Strikes, You Can Make A Difference [17-Nov]
  • Enrollment in Healthy Families Program Re-Opened [10-Nov]
  • H1N1 Vaccine Going To Local Medical Providers [2-Nov]
  • November Meeting Of Mental Health Board in Ft Bragg [2-Nov]
  • Seasonal Flu Clinics For General Public [2-Nov]
  • H1N1 Vaccine Has Not Been Received In County [27-Oct]
  • Ceramic Bean Pot Lead Warning / Ollas de Barro Pueden Causar Envenenamiento Por Plomo [27-Oct]
  • Poster Contest Winners Announced [15-Oct]
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccination Clinics Scheduled Throughout County [13-Oct]
  • H1N1 FluMist Vaccines [7-Oct]
  • H1N1 Community Meetings [5-Oct]
  • Mental Health Board October 21st Meeting in Willits [1-Oct]
  • Concern Over Water Quality In The Town Of Mendocino [24-Sept]
  • Drive Through Flu Clinic In Ukiah (Spanish)[24-Sept]
  • Fifth Grade Students To Receive Gang Resistance Curriculum [15-Sept]
  • Whooping Cough Cases Reported In Willits Community [8-Sept]
  • Mental Health Board September 16th Meeting in Ukiah [3-Sept]
  • Second Death in County With H1N1 Virus [3-Sept]
  • "Don't Let The Flu Get On You" Poster Contest | Contest Flyer [31-Aug]
  • MHSA Funds $1.2 Million for Ukiah Housing [27-Aug]
  • County Suspects First Death With H1N1 Virus [25-Aug]
  • H1N1 School Guidance [13-Aug]
  • Community Health Services Branch Receives New Grant [13-Aug]
  • Health Promotion Grant Applications Available [12-Aug]
  • Influenza Update [4-Aug]
  • Mental Health Board August Meeting Canceled [3-Aug]
  • County Establishes H1N1 Hotline [30-Jul]
  • H1N1 Update [30-Jul]
  • H1N1 Influenza Update for Mendocino County [29-July]
  • H1N1 Influenza Continues in Mendocino County [23-July]
  • CalWORKs Job Services Fort Bragg Is Moving [21-July]
  • First Probable H1N1 Case in Mendocino County [17-Jul]
  • Parent Resource Guide Available [15-July]
  • Mental Health Board Seeks Applicants [14-July]
  • Changes at Fort Bragg Community Health Office [13-July]
  • Lead in Candy (Spanish) [9-July]
  • H1N1 Influenza Update [8-July]
  • Animal Care Holds Clinics [17-June]
  • Holes in Safety Net Widen [2-June]
  • West Nile Virus Risk Escalated [19-May]
  • Health Insurance Survey Results [12-May]
  • California Smoker's Quit Line [11-May]
  • H1N1 Influenza - Public Health Update [11-May]
  • Animal Care Announces New Online Services [7-May]
  • PSA: Health Care Professional Volunteers Needed [6-May]
  • H1N1 Influenza - New School Closure Guidelines [6-May]
  • Stimulus Funds Available For Local Programs [6-May]
  • H1N1 Influenza - No Confirmed Cases In Mendocino County [4-May]
  • H1N1 Influenza - Situation Update [2-May]
  • H1N1 Influenza - Update [30-Apr]
  • H1N1 Influenza - Local Mitigation Plan [29-Apr]
  • H1N1 Influenza - Governor Declares Emergency [28-Apr]
  • H1N1 Influenza - Public Health Advisory [27-Apr]
  • Food Stamp Benefit to Increase 13.6% [7-Apr]
  • Alcohol Awareness Month [1-Apr]
  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) Public Forum [17-Mar]
  • Mental Health Board Meeting [9-Mar]
  • BBA: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving [5-Mar]
  • Septic Guidelines for New Second Residential Unit [5-Mar]
  • Public Service Announcement: HHSA Office Closures [13-Feb]
  • HHSA Friday Office Closures [12-Feb]
  • Animal Care & Control Update [29-Jan]
  • Small Business Health Survey [20-Jan]
  • State Water Resources Control Board Workshop [12-Jan]
  • Ukiah Flu Clinic [12-Jan]
  • $72K Distribution to Food & Shelter Programs [06-Jan]
  • 'Shelter Dogs' Photo Exhibit [06-Jan]
  • Water Crocks May Cause Lead Poisoning [05-Jan]
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