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Public Health Service Areas

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Nursing Programs
Provide community and individual health assessment and planning, health education for behavior change, interagency collaboration and information regarding medical and health concerns to the public.
Animal Care
Provides animal regulation services that promote public safety, health and responsible pet ownership while delivering these services in a timely, courteous, professional and cost effective manner.
Environmental Health
Safeguards the public's health from environmental hazards through community education efforts and by enforcement of state and local laws to ensure safe supplies of food and water, to monitor the proper management of wastes and hazardous materials, to investigate environmental health-related causes of illness and to abate hazardous environmental health conditions.
Other Public Health Programs
Administrative Support, Prevention Services, Chronic Disease, Disaster Response, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Injury Prevention, Medical Marijuana ID Card, Medical Oversight, Public Health Officer, Tobacco / Health Education, Vital Statistics

Administrative Office
1120 South Dora Street, Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 472-2777

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