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PDFs and Other Files

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PDF | Others


This site takes advantage of the Portable Document Format for many styled documents and reports. Free viewing software is available for all platforms. Some form of this software is almost always installed by default. Should you need to update your software or find new software, search the web, get more information at Wikipedia or refer to the following table.

PDF Software
Adobe Reader
Foxit Reader
Sumatra PDF
Chrome has issues with PDFs
Mac OS
Preview is bundled
Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader
Foxit Reader
Evince bundled with GNOME
Adobe Reader or QuickOffice bundled with many devices
Others available in the Market


The site may occasionally use other file types, such as Microsoft (MS) Word .doc , MS Word .dot , MS Excel .xls and various image formats, such as .jpg, .png and .gif. While the image formats should work on any modern operating system, the Microsoft files may require proprietary, commercial software. We strive to avoid these file types whenever possible.

Google Chrome

Chrome uses a proprietary, internal method to render PDFs and it appears to struggle at times. We see no problems in any other browser.

You can right-click on any of the PDF links and choose "Save link as..." to download the PDF. Opening the file from the downloads window will use your standard PDF reader.

Alternatively, you can disable Chrome's PDF viewer and avoid all the right-clicking.
  • Open Chrome
  • In the address bar, type "about:plugins" and hit enter
  • Find "Chrome PDF Viewer" and click the "Disable" link
  • Close Chrome and re-open to have Chrome use your computer's default PDF-reading software

You can find more information at CNET

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