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Frequently Asked Questions

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Quick Check Information!

  1. Frequently Asked Planning Questions

  2. How to apply for a Cottage Industry Use Permit
  3. How to apply for a General Plan Amendment
  4. How to apply for a Minor Subdivision
  5. How to apply for a Use Permit
  6. How to apply for a Variance
  7. Community Design Guidelines and Master Tree List
  8. Frequently Asked Building Questions

  9. Baseline Water Worksheet
  10. Baseline Water Use Worksheet
  11. Building Division Permit Process
  12. Calgreen Building Standards Requirement Checklist
  13. Calgreen Residential Installation Certificate
  14. Class K Ordinance
  15. Construction Waste Management Acknowledgement
  16. Construction Waste Management Plan
  17. Description of Residential Plans
  18. Fixture Flow Rate Worksheet
  19. Operation and Maintenance Manual
  21. Residential Fee Estimates for 2012

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