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The official Mendocino County website has a new home! Please visit:

The content here is no longer updated and will soon redirect to the new site.

Welcome to MemberDirect, A New Member Self Service Website

The Mendocino County Employees Retirement Association is pleased to announce that our new website, MemberDirect, is now available to all members.  MemberDirect is a member site where individual retirement account information can be accessed securely online.  The following guides provide Active, Deferred, and Retired members important information on how to enroll in MemberDirect and use the site.  Please refer to the appropriate guide below before accessing MemberDirect.

Special Tips: 
  • Member enrollment information must match retirement account information exactly.  That includes hyphenated names, email, address, and 5 digit zip code. 
  • The username field will not accept symbols.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Assistance is available during normal business hours by emailing or calling the retirement office.  You can request a password reset if necessary.
MemberDirect Guide for Active and Deferred Members

MemberDirect Guide for Retired Members

MemberDirect Login

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